Add Charm and Calm to Your Garden with a Small Fountain

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If you have a garden, you may have considered a fountain for an accent feature. For most homeowners, a large fountain is not usually a viable option, as it requires a large open space. Instead, consider the merits of a smaller fountain:

A Variety to Choose From

Whether indoor or outdoor, small fountains make wonderful decoration pieces. They enhance both commercial and residential designs, and there are designs for every type of garden. For example, tiled backdrops in the Moorish or Spanish style can add color and pattern to your garden with hand-painted tiles. Another option for a small fountain is to choose a statue. Statuary fountains have long been a staple of art and design, as seen in some of the most famous fountains across Italy and the rest of Europe. Since the early days of the Roman Empire, through the Renaissance and beyond, sculptures and fountains have been an extremely complimentary design aesthetic. With smaller fountain statues, you can have the sound and movement of a water feature for a reasonable price. Although it may not be a life-sized statue, a smaller fountain can have a charming subject like fish, birds, or a small cherub.

small fountain in backyardWith a small fountain, you still have plenty of options. One of the problems with a larger fountain statue is the cost; they can easily rise to the $3,000 and higher range. A small fountain is easier on your budget, and can give you an opportunity to explore additional options. For example, consider lighting your fountain; with the right placement and positioning, your display will come alive at night, giving you many more hours to enjoy it.

Multiple Fountains

Don’t be surprised if, after installing one small fountain, you find you have room for another. If your landscape has multiple outdoor areas, different fountains can serve different uses. As an example, you may have a small jet fountain in a formally landscaped area, and a calming, bubbling fountain in a sheltered retreat. If you have your heart set on a small fountain in your landscape, consider talking to a landscape designer who can help you plan the perfect spot for it in your garden.