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Landscape Tip of the Month: Leaf Removal

While you may only get a handful of trees that turn out truly beautiful foliage this fall, you will likely still wind up with a yard full of leaves. Deciduous trees lose their leaves at different times throughout the winter … Continue reading

Fall Blooming Flowers

The rich colors of fall are perhaps the best part of the season, but it is not just the leaves changing in the trees that create these beautiful tones. You can add a tremendous amount of fall color to your … Continue reading

Preparing Your Lawn for the Winter Season

Whether your lawn is fescue, Bermuda or zoysia grasses, this is the peak season to begin preparing your lawn for the colder winter months. Of course, the type of grass that you have on your lawn will determine just how … Continue reading

Pest of the Month: White Grubs

White grubs have the look of fat little worms, but they are actually the larva stage of beetles. These junebugs and the other beetles you see around your home in the summer months have laid eggs that create the white … Continue reading

Landscaping with Glass Mulches

Going green is still a hot trend in decorating and landscaping, and one new trend in going green is the use of recycled glass mulches. If you’ve dreamed of fiery reds and oranges or calming dark violets and emerald blues, … Continue reading

Add Charm and Calm to Your Garden with a Small Fountain

If you have a garden, you may have considered a fountain for an accent feature. For most homeowners, a large fountain is not usually a viable option, as it requires a large open space. Instead, consider the merits of a … Continue reading

What is a Bioswale, and Can It Help Georgia?

A bioswale is a landscape element that is getting an increasing amount of attention recenetly, due to the benefits that it offers communities and other environments. Bioswales use what is known as a swaled drainage course, designed with sloped sides … Continue reading

New Annuals for 2013 Bring Color to Your Garden

Most people know that annuals are plants that survive for just one growing season, like vegetable plants for gardens such as corn, lettuce and beans. But savvy gardeners understand the valuable role that annuals play in adding color and variety … Continue reading

5 Top Landscaping Mistakes of Homeowners

Some Common Landscaping Mistakes Now that the warm weather is here, your mind might turn to fixing up your garden or getting your lawn in order. While it’s easy to get excited while walking through your local garden center, it’s … Continue reading

Be Prepared Georgia: Billions Of Insects Emerging

In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics, Dolly the sheep was cloned and eBay started operations. But the year was also famous for one other event: the emergence and swarming of 17 year cycle cicadas on the East Coast of … Continue reading