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December 2012 Newsletter

December 2012 LAI Pros Newsletter Camellias: the Beautiful Winter Bloomer Camellias are fair sized evergreens that are known for their large, luxurious flowers. Camellias are great additions to any garden as a way to keep your landscape colorful through the … Continue reading

Commercial Landscaping News – December 2012

December 2012 LAI Pros Newsletter     Annual Curb Appeal Check Up Is your property on a busy street? What is your curb appeal?  A busy street does not invoke feelings of calmness or beauty. But a well managed streetscape … Continue reading

November 2012 Newsletter

November 2012 LAI Pros Newsletter   Start planning now for Spring Color! The winter season is fast approaching. Cold weather and long, sleepy months of frost and ice are upon us so now is a good time to plan ahead … Continue reading

Commercial Landscaping News – October 2012

October 2012 LAI Pros Newsletter Irrigation Winterization For commercial properties and homeowner associations, winterizing your irrigation system is often neglected until it’s too late. Remembering to properly winterize your irrigation system is one thing that should not be forgotten. Don’t … Continue reading

October 2012 Newsletter

October 2012 LAI Pros Newsletter   Winterizing Turf And Irrigation  With the long, cold, winter season soon upon us, it is essential to winterize your turf and irrigation systems so that they will remain in good order during the winter. … Continue reading

September 2012 Newsletter

September 2012 LAI Pros Newsletter Winterizing Trees: Dormant Season Preparations Have you winterized your trees yet? Fall is a time of serious change and reorganization within a tree. Trees sense the changing seasons by the temperature, by a dormancy timer … Continue reading

August 2012 Newsletter

August 2012 LAI Pros Newsletter Knock Out© Roses Once upon a time rose gardening was considered by many to be a venture for the devoted hobbyist. Frequent spray schedules and knowledge of pruning were very important for success. Not any … Continue reading

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