Pest of the Month: White Grubs

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White grubs have the look of fat little worms, but they are actually the larva stage of beetles. These junebugs and the other beetles you see around your home in the summer months have laid eggs that create the white grubs that can easily grow into a serious problem in the fall and winter.

white grubs in the palm of a handWhile white grubs aren’t poisonous or at all harmful to people, they are very harmful to grass and lawns – especially if they appear in high numbers. When the grubs begin to feed, they can actually sever the root systems of the grass. Without roots, the grass dies and leaves patches of dead brown. You may even be able to roll up the patches of grass since they have very little actually holding them to the soil without roots.

To rid yourself of a white grub problem, you will need to treat your lawn with the pesticide designed for this particular variety of pests. The good news is that it is usually a topical application followed by a deep watering. The pesticide will filter through the grass to kill off the white grubs and prevent the continuation of the beetle and grub cycle as well.

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