Preparing Your Lawn for the Winter Season

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aeration of cool season grassWhether your lawn is fescue, Bermuda or zoysia grasses, this is the peak season to begin preparing your lawn for the colder winter months. Of course, the type of grass that you have on your lawn will determine just how you prep it for the winter.

Fescue – A cold weather grass, fescue typically dies out over the summer months. The heat and fungus that develop in the heat kill out the fescue, and if you’re hoping for a bright lawn in the cooler months of the year, this is the time to aerate and then reseed your fescue. Aerate and reseed at the same time between now and October to provide the ideal growing conditions.

Bermuda – A hearty summer grass, Bermuda thrives in the hot months of summer and fades during the colder months, only to come back strong in the spring of every year. Bermuda does not need to be reseeded as it regenerates itself, but you can overseed your Bermuda lawn with winter grasses to thicken your lawn and produce a brighter color during the winter.

Zoysia – Another grass that thrives in milder temperatures, zoysia can fade in the coldest months of the year. To enjoy a green lawn year round, consider overseeding your zoysia grasses with cold weather grasses now to provide a lush green lawn all winter long.

Contact Landscape Associates for fall aeration and overseeding services, to keep your lawn looking its best this fall and winter.