Landscape Enhancements

Designing the landscape for a home is just the first step to fully realizing the yard of your dreams. After the plans have been finalized, the next step is to begin construction and bring those ideas to life. These are a few of the most popular home additions. If you are interested in adding one of these elements to your landscape, or you have questions about our landscape construction services, please call us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas for your home.

Stone Walkway Landscape Project

A landscape construction project can range in size from small additions to a specific area of a yard to the complete overhaul of the face of the property. There is no job too large or too small for our experienced team.

Outdoor Structures Provide Great Areas to Relax

There is nothing more beautiful than an outdoor enclosure made out of elaborate stone work. The quality of well done stone work is impossible to match and it takes great skill to get the results that a property owner expects. If you are looking to add an area to your property where you can be joined by friends and family outdoors, then you should consider an outdoor structure. With the addition of an outdoor fireplace or pond to add atmosphere, it’s a great way to get more enjoyment from your property.

Beautiful Waterscapes help you Escape from Stress

Beautiful classical design garden fish pond in a well cared backyard gardening background

One of the most popular expansions to a home is the addition of a tranquil waterscape or fountain. These secluded areas offer a getaway from everyday life, right in the backyard and only steps from the front door.

Our waterscapes can vary in intricacy so that anybody can enjoy the natural beauty that a pond or waterfall provides, regardless of the size or shape of their property. The ponds are low maintenance, requiring very little work or upkeep on your part, and can be stocked with small fish to complete the ambiance  There are fewer things more relaxing than an outdoor waterscape.

Adding Outdoor Living Areas

Our climate lends itself to outdoor living.  Outdoor kitchens that includes beautiful outdoor grilling spaces with space to entertain in style is what today’s homeowner is looking for. Playgrounds in the backyard that are not only fun for children but keep your children in eye view are a part of your landscape. These items can be added to any area, large or small and planned to fill the space available. Landscape Associates can work with you to design a space that fits your budget and your family’s wishes.

We Are Experts in Landscape Construction Projects

Our landscape construction specialists are experts in designing and bringing to fruition plans for landscapes on properties of any size. If you are interested in a fresh, inviting landscape for your home, call us today to set up a consultation.