Commercial Landscaping Services


Keep your landscapes impeccably groomed no matter the season!

Promote the health, beauty, and value of any property, while also promoting sustainable and safe practices.

Landscape Associates is an industry leader in commercial landscape maintenance services, offering a comprehensive grounds maintenance strategy aimed at upholding the immaculate, professional, and picturesque appearance of your property. Opting for the right landscape maintenance plan is not only a wise investment but also a means to achieve substantial cost savings. Our commitment entails consistent landscape upkeep and an in-depth understanding of your property, enabling us to promptly identify potential problem areas. Proactively addressing issues before they escalate has proven to be a consistent source of savings for our clients, sparing them both expenses and hassles.

Mowing and String Trimming

Mowing and String Trimming

It is important to mow turf at the proper height and with the proper equipment to maintain a healthy lawn. Added detail is provided in areas inaccessible with mowers with string trimmer to complete a manicured appearance.


Precise and defined borders around flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, sidewalks, and other hard surfaces guarantee a seamlessly polished appearance across the entirety of your property.

Tree Shrub Trimming Pruning

Tree & Shrub Trimming & Pruning

Landscape Associates can detect early indications of shrub diseases and facilitate a revival of health through meticulous pruning techniques.

Blowing & Cleaning

Swift and efficient resolution of hazards like fallen branches and slippery leaf piles is paramount to keeping your property safe and beautiful!

Blowing Cleaning

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