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Irrigation & Water Management

Irrigation is the single most important aspect of maintaining a landscape

There is nothing more essential than ensuring your landscape has an adequate supply!

Without an adequate amount of water it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your landscape, it will be virtually impossible to maintain the fresh look you have come to expect. With our professional irrigation management services we can make sure your grass, flowers, trees and shrubs receive exactly the right amount of water.

There are two key types of irrigation system installations and we specialize in both.

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New Landscape installations

New Landscape Installations

This is for irrigation systems that are going to be installed before a new landscape installation or renovation. It is usually a part of the overall landscaping design, so the irrigation system meshes perfectly with the new landscape.

Existing Landscaping

 From time to time all irrigation system will be in need of repair or renovation to provide proper coverage. Whether it’s because a proper irrigation system was never installed or the installed system was never updated to work with the new landscape, handling either situation is the job of an irrigation specialist. Irrigation systems can be installed in existing landscapes proving the ample coverage and water conservation at the same time.

Whichever scenario you find yourself, when the irrigation system is designed and installed by Landscape Associates you can be assured of proper installation that provides ample coverage, allowing your yard to achieve its fullest potential.

Existing Landscaping

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