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The rich colors of fall are perhaps the best part of the season, but it is not just the leaves changing in the trees that create these beautiful tones. You can add a tremendous amount of fall color to your landscape and garden by planting fall blooming flowers.

sedum flowers blooming in the fallThe most popular types of flowers for the fall include the purple hues of aster, chrysanthemums in a wide variety of colors, and the deep tones of sedum and Mexican sage. These hearty perennials can be planted and nurtured all year so that as the bright colors of summer are starting to fade, the richer tones of fall come through in your containers and gardens.

When selecting fall blooming flowers, you can easily arrange for newly potted mums to enjoy just for a single season, or you can plan your fall colors for every year by arranging your garden to bloom in different seasons. Potted fall flowers are simple ways to add boosts of color immediately, and you can easily move the potted plant into the garden when you change décor as well.

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