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Commercial Landscaping News – October 2013

  Winterizing Your Irrigation System The irrigation systems that help to manage the gardens and greenery of large properties are extensive undertakings in their own right. Over the winter months, these yards of piping and pumps are at risk of … Continue reading

October 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter

Preparing Your Lawn for the Winter Season Whether your lawn is fescue, Bermuda or zoysia grasses, this is the peak season to begin preparing your lawn for the colder winter months. Of course, the type of grass that you have … Continue reading

July 2013 Newsletter

    Trees and Shrubs for Fabulous Fall Color While we think of the spring and summer months as a time of vibrant color and thriving plant growth, the fall can be just as beautiful with warm, rich tones as … Continue reading

Commercial Landscaping News – July 2013

July 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter     Looking Ahead To Next Year The peak season for planting is in the spring. What most people don’t realize is that most trees and shrubs should be planted in the fall months. It … Continue reading

May 2013 Newsletter

May 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter Ideas for a Small Space Often when we think of gardening, we envision large spaces full of pathways and greenery. While these gardens are beautiful, they are often unrealistic for those individuals with small yards … Continue reading

Commercial Landscaping News – April 2013

April 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter Open up Irrigation Properly Most commercial properties include irrigation systems. While these help to keep the property looking lush and green, they can be problematic if the system is poorly maintained. If your irrigation system … Continue reading

April 2013 Newsletter

April 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter   Water Features There is nothing that makes a more peaceful sound than a water feature in your garden or yard. Water features come in all shapes and sizes, and the feature you choose will … Continue reading

March 2013 Newsletter

March 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter What Do You Do If You See a Problem? The best, and most frustrating, thing about a garden is that your space is always changing. About the time you get everything ideally planted, pruned and … Continue reading

February 2013 Newsletter

February 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter   A Glossary of Landscaping Terms What good are landscaping articles and websites if you don’t understand the terminology? Knowing the proper terms of landscaping and gardening goes a long way to understanding and improving … Continue reading

January 2013 Newsletter

January 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter Why hire a Landscaper? While anyone can dig a hole and put a plant in it, not everyone is blessed with the proverbial “green thumb” necessary to make those plants grow up strong, healthy and … Continue reading

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