Commercial Seasonal Landscaping Services

flower bed at a commercial site


There is no better way to enhance the curb appeal of an apartment community or other commercial property than with seasonal color. But floral design is equal parts artistry and science. Few landscaping companies are able to coordinate details such as an appropriate color palette with the plant materials best suited to the site. At Landscape Associates, our floricultural team has developed a proven methodology that consistently yields successful results. Our process incorporates:

green lawn

Fertilization & Weed Control

Proper application of chemicals to turf and shrub beds enhances the beauty and health of the landscaping and minimizes weed and insect infestation. Our certified professionals conduct a soil analysis as well as regular inspections of turf grass and plant material to develop a program to insure that the proper levels and types of nutrition are delivered. Since every property’s chemical application needs are unique, we do not subscribe to the common “one size fits all” approach to chemical treatments. Chemical applications are tailored to meet the property’s specific needs.

commercial sprinkler system spraying lawn

Irrigation Management

Drought conditions are ever-present in the Southeast, so water management should be everyone’s concern. But conservation is not the only reason to have a well maintained irrigation system. One of the leading causes of plant death and disease is due to improper watering. Our irrigation specialists inspect and, if possible, adjust the irrigation system to insure that it achieves proper coverage and supplies the appropriate amount of water at the correct time of day – saving money, conserving a precious natural resource and protecting the health of the landscape.