An integral part of any landscape is the proper addition and placement of annual and perennial flowers. Many homeowners believe that planting flowers is a simple step that doesn’t require a floriculture expert — but that’s not the case.
flowers in a landscape

Selecting the right flowers for the right places, and then caring for them properly, is something that requires an experienced touch. Generally, the results that a professional can get are unmatched by anything the average homeowner can do.

Liven Up Your Landscape with Some Color

One of the best ways to hit the refresh button on a landscape and keep it appealing without a complete landscape redesign is to add some flowers. By increasing the amount of annual or perennial flowers on your property, you not only raise the value of your home but you add to the entire atmosphere. If you’re looking for an extra something for your landscape or you’re just in the mood for some seasonal color then you need a floriculture expert to make your wishes a reality.

Flowers Require a Professional Touch


One of the most common mistakes made by many home owners is the belief that planting flowers is a simple process that requires little skill or expertise. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a good reason landscaping companies employ floriculture experts — a flowerbed needs a custom design with a careful selection of flowers suited to the climate and arranged with other types of flowers that work well together. After the design is complete there is a meticulous installation process that needs to be completed to ensure the flowers thrive in their new environment. These are tasks that are best left to a floriculture professional.

Regular Maintenance is required to keep the Results You Expect


After the flowerbeds have been designed and installed the maintenance process begins. The flowers need to be groomed regularly, with debris and weeds removed on a frequent basis to assure the beauty of the flowers remain. On going maintenance is a very important aspect of incorporating flowers in a landscape. If a plant dies it needs to be removed and replaced and if an insect investation breaks out it needs to be treated quickly before the rest of the flowerbed is affected. Landscape Associates is proud of the meticulous care we provide to the flowerbeds we install.

If you find yourself looking out at your lawn and feeling that it’s missing something, there’s a good chance that your yard just needs a little bit of color to liven it up. Contact us today to talk with one of our floriculture experts. With their help you can enhance your landscape with a rainbow of color, a charming invitation to your friends and neighbors. Don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation — when it comes to floriculture you need an expert touch!