Landscape Renovation Services

residential landscape for renovation

Landscapes can’t be expected to always look exactly as they did when first installed. After enough time passes, plants grow old, design preferences change and the environment can take its toll. Thankfully, Landscape Associates can help you with any outdoor need whether it be removing overgrown shrubs and bushes or adding an outdoor kitchen.

Complete Renovation of Existing Landscape Designs

Trees grow, plants mature and the entire landscape could even be devastated by surprise storms. With enough time, any landscape is bound to fall victim to the perils of nature. But that doesn’t mean it’s meant to stay that way. At some point you look at your property and ask whether a landscape renovation is needed. And that’s when  Landscape Associates can help, by designing a renovation of your property to make it look like new again.

residential landscape for renovation

Improving Drainage Issues and Overcrowding of Plants

Often landscaping for new homes are installed by a less than experienced landscape crew. Trees and shrubs that are planted too close to each other or too close to the foundation of the home or if the ground was not graded properly before the landscape was installed can potentially cause serious problems and cost large amounts of money to correct. Although it looks great at first, once enough time has passed for the plantings to grow into maturity, the problem of overcrowding becomes a serious issue.

Also, improper grading can cause water to settle against or under the homes foundation, compromising the structural integrity of the home and increasing the chances of mold build up in the crawl area or basement. Please give us a call if you think you may be experiencing any of these issues. Landscape Associates has the expertise to correct the problem.

Redesigning High Profile Areas

Certain areas of your yard usually draw more attention than others. They may be in direct view of the street or neighbors, adjacent  to a recreational area that is used daily by other residents in your community or just an area of the yard that is enjoyed more by your family. These high profile areas need to be updated and kept restored more often than areas of the property that aren’t in constant use and view by others. They are a good choice when selecting a piece of the landscape to be redesigned to provide additional ‘curb appeal’ and enjoyment.

If your landscape has gotten to the point where you believe a renovation is needed, either a full makeover or just in specific areas, call us so that we can have our experienced landscape renovation experts consult with you. After enough time passes, more than just the basic landscape maintenance is needed to keep your property looking as beautiful as you intended. With one phone call, Landscape Associates can start the process to rejuvenate and restore your yard or property.