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April 2013 LAI Pros Newsletter

Open up Irrigation Properly

Most commercial properties include irrigation systems. While these help to keep the property looking lush and green, they can be problematic if the system is poorly maintained. If your irrigation system seems riddled with sprinkler heads that don’t open properly, it’s time to do some maintenance on your system.

Most of the time when a sprinkler head doesn’t pop up fully, it is a pressure related problem. To open up the line, you’ll need to find and check each of the valves for your system. Start with the heads that don’t pop up fully. Check to be sure that they are set to maximum flow. If they don’t get enough pressure they won’t pop up fully. Then check the remaining valves of the system to be sure that they are fully open and allowing water to flow freely.

If the sprinkler heads are still sticking, it may be dirt or sand stuck inside the moving parts. To fix this, while the sprinkler is on, step on the head to push it gently back into the ground. Then move so that it can pop up again. Repeat this a few times to clean out the casing.

Call Landscape Associates now to schedule your irrigation system maintenance.

Water Features

A popular addition to any commercial property is a water feature. In the case of larger yards and landscaping, water features are most likely going to be large – not the small fountains that homeowners add to patios. Consider setting up a large fountain in a community area or even installing a pond or large waterfall style water feature.

These structures will require ongoing maintenance, of course, but they will add a new depth not only to the décor of your property, but to the overall feel of the outdoor spaces as well. Residents will enjoy sitting by the water in common areas, especially if landscaping and seating around the water feature is well maintained.

Let Landscape Associates work with you to design a beautiful water feature – large or small – for your property. Call us today.

Landscaping Maintenance without Disturbing the Residents

Maintaining your landscaping can be an ongoing challenge in a commercial property. Finding the best time to mow and use loud hedge trimmer or weed eaters presents something of a problem – residents tend to complain, often loudly, if maintenance occurs at the wrong time.

 The biggest consideration here is sleep. While there are residents asleep around the clock in a residential property, there are certain hours when the majority of residents expect quiet. If you follow the sleeping schedules of young children, you’ll be accommodating most of these routines. This would mean doing landscaping work after 8 am when the majority of residents should be awake and finishing up for the day before 7 pm when babies start going to bed.

Outdoor Living

Building community in your commercial space is easy when you include outdoor living spaces. Among the best features to include for residents you’ll find:

Firepits – A great way to bring people together, invest in a large fire pit and seating and then let your residents enjoy spending time together in the evenings or have special events around the fire, especially on cooler evenings.

Kitchens – An outdoor kitchen or grill makes it easy to have a gathering for your residents. You can easily provide the outdoor kitchen for community use or you can rent it out for a small fee or deposit to help cover the cost of installation and maintenance.

Play Areas – A play area or several play areas around your commercial property will encourage families to spend time out of doors and possibly be a deciding factor for new residents looking for a space that is fully family friendly.

Landscape Associates can help optimize your property for full  return on every inch of living space. Call to schedule and appointment today.